Friday, October 4, 2013

New Food, New Recipes

It's been a little over five weeks since I stopped eating meat.  That part was easy because I was so sad after watching documentaries that I just didn't have any interest in eating meat for the last month.

I really loved meat before 5 weeks ago.  Bacon was one of my favorite things ever and canadian bacon was the best friend to my morning eggs.  I drank a little milk once in a while (mostly just chocolate milk) and loved a good brie or gouda before a delectable meal.  Cutting out cheese and milk has been okay but eggs...oh eggs, I love you so.  I miss my eggs in the morning.

I am not fully vegan yet and honestly, don't think that I will ever classify myself as such.  I'm trying out a "whole foods, plant based diet" touted by Scott Jurek and other mighty marathoners and health food junkies.  It was difficult at first and I'm still having chocolate cravings all the time but hey.  Also, I am having a difficult time stomaching the insane amounts of "I'm a vegan because x" or "You're NOT a vegan because y" stuff.  I'm eating consciously and trying to be healthy.  I'll call my dietary preference "healthy conscious eating" and make my own label!

I have found, like many others state on their "How/When I Became Vegan/Super Healthy Eater" post or blog, I have been forced to learn to cook new things with new ingredients since I cut out most dairy and meat.  In the last two weeks, we made meatless stuffed peppers (with coconut forbidden rice and black beans), portobello mushroom sandwiches with a homemade horseradish sauce, veggie sushi, vegan challah, tofu scrambles, butternut squash and tofu curry, and miso soup.  And those are only the highlights!

I made veggie sushi last night because I was craving it.  I have never made brown rice sushi before but gave it a go.  I went fairly simple with avocado, cucumber and scallion.  It hit the spot!

Then, my new favorite breakfast dish was born...morning sushi breakfast bowl!

I took the leftover sushi ingredients, threw them in a bowl and topped it off with my new favorite carrot ginger dressing from the lovely cook at Smitten Kitchen.  It was full of whole grains, some yummy fatty avocado and fresh delicious cucumbers.  When I say that the ginger dressing is my new favorite, I mean it's my new "I want to lick the bowl after I eat the rest of the food" recipes.  It's that good, ask my mom.

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